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 The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to set standards for recovery of refrigerants.
Enforcement of the Clean Air Act is carried out by the EPA.

Section 608 Certification is required by the Clean Air Act
for anyone who works on equipment that contains Refrigerant or to buy Refrigerant.  
Employers must keep a copy of each applicable employee's Certification on file. 

In addition, anyone working on air conditioning of cars or trucks or who wishes to purchase
small containers of Refrigerant sold in auto parts stores MUST have a 
Section 609 Automotive Certification, even if they have a Universal License!

These Federal Certifications are IN ADDITION to any Local or State requirements. 
Each individual must be licensed according to the work performed.  
It is not legal to work "Under Supervision" of a licensed person.



  *Licenses are issued and maintained by Ferris State University.

They may be contacted directly for License Replacement at 866-880-7674.