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  CFC Certification: Title VI - U.S.Code  Clean Air Act - 1990

        Section 608 ( 'Universal' License...all parts)
Section 609 (Automotive)
        R-410a (Voluntary: see explanation below)**

With Section 608 you are CFC Certified, or some call it EPA or HVAC Certified.  
This is the official Certification. If all sections are passed, your license is "Universal".

Our program through Ferris State University* is EPA Approved.
Your License through us is valid in every state and Canada.

CFC Certification is REQUIRED by the Clean Air Act
for anyone 
working on equipment containing refrigerant or to purchase Refrigerant . 
- It is NOT sufficient to work "under supervision" of a licensed person. -

Employers must keep on file a copy of their employee's Certification
if that employee works on any equipment containing refrigerant
(including everything from water coolers to company vehicles).

If an employer does not have this certification on file, they are
subject to fines as well as the employee who does not have such certification.

 Any required Local, State or Industry licenses do not eliminate the requirement
that you have CFC certification if you work on refrigerant containing equipment.

**R-410a is an Azeotropic mixture of refrigerants presently marketed under the
brand names of Puron, SUVA 410a and Gentron AZ-20.
R-410a involves significantly higher pressures and capacities than other refrigerants. 

R410-a Certification is Voluntary (not Federally Mandated).
Those with Type II Certification are covered for purchase and use of R-410a.
Although not a part of our Section 608 One Day Program,
our students who want this additional certification can make advance arrangements
to take this exam by calling our office in advance.
(Due to study materials involved which cannot be emailed, at least 2 weeks is necessary.)
There is a additional fee for this Voluntary Certification.


The HVAC Pro* is the original Professional Provider
of its Signature One Day Complete CFC Certification Program

Ferris State University issues and maintains your license
Call them at 866-880-7674 for replacement.


OUR MISSION: As a responsible teaching entity, we are helping to insure proper administration of the environmentally helpful laws of our country. We also maintain a strong commitment to our students, and do all we can to help them succeed. Their Success is Our Success!

It is the responsibility of anyone handling environmental toxins to use proper procedures at all times and keep up with the current laws and requirements.

It is in everyone's interest to use the chemicals that improve our lives in such a way that they do not end up harming us and our environment. We want to help leave a better world for those who follow!